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Parodos Kritis 37100 Almiros Greece
- Tomato Paste - Olives, Olive Oil - Fruits, Fruit Juices, Canned Peaches, Frozen Fruits -
The companys Agricultural Products "Olympia Ltd" main headquarters are located in Almyros Magnesia an agricultural area, in the centre of Greece. Fragrant plants blossom on the hillsides of Othris Mountain and olive trees from the foothills to the beaches. All of the Thessaly fields are covered with tomatoes. Our second office is in Skydra (Pella) the production centre of fruits and vegetables. Apricots and Peaches are colouring central Macedonia pink. These are the main products fresh or processed our company transports. Our philosophy for a better life make us take our next step so that all the health improving products of the food pyramid are added to our company’s merchandise range. Our only target is to satisfy our clients and with the twenty–five years of experience in the production area we monitor the production from the harvest to the processing and finally to the packaging always in collaboration with the producers teams and consortiums. We want our products to fulfill all the European and National specifications. The stability and trust of our clients make us more responsible and trigger us to search for new products. We believe in the chain suppliers- producers , there must be co –operation in order to surpass the transitional situations we all live. - Best quality in products. - Competitive prices. - Daily search for innovative products. - Trust and stability from our clients, and raise our clientele in National market. This is the vision and the target of our company.
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