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1440 Lakes Parkway, Suite # 400 30043 Lawrenceville United States
- Condiments - Canned Fruits - Canned Food - Halal Chicken - Halal Meat - Milk Powder -
We are one of the leading exporters from USA by the name of Pexim INC. Established in 2001 Pexim INC is an export and marketing organization providing substantial means for increasing sales volume in various markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for US manufacturers and international customers. Pexim has the best prices in the market and are willing to negotiate for total customer satisfaction. With headquarters located in Atlanta, Ga (USA), we boast a great reputation for quality, service, reliability and excellent relationships with customers across the globe.Over the years, our hard work has generated impressive results for both our suppliers and customers, helping them market their products and boost their revenues.
Tel: 770-237-8000 Fax: 770-822-1707
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