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ul. Szadkowska 28A/7 Zdunska Wola
- Carrots - Broccoli - Cabbage - Onions - Parsley - Cauliflower - Chinese Cabbage - Celery - Apples - Beetroot -
PHILMAT is a Polish company exporting groceries: fresh vegetables, fruits and beef. Our business activity is based on a direct cooperation with credible Polish producers having many years of experience in producing articles delivered by our company. Trade experience gained through the years by the persons of PHILMAT Company, as well as high quality of the articles which we sell, make our Company credible business partner. At each stage of our work we mainly focus on attaining maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, from the very beginning, we make sure that our partners feel safe while cooperating with our Company being confident that the articles purchased by them meet in 100% their requirements. * Our articles are delivered directly by producers. * By cooperating with many producers and maintaining constantly high revenues from the sale of articles, we are able to ensure low, competitive market price and, simultaneously, keep highest quality of the articles delivered by our Company.
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