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Suyangshan Street Suangyangshan Town 221300 Pizhou China
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Pi Zhou Tian Yuan Garlic Co.,Ltd was established in 1998,is the Chinese famous the hometown of the garlicgthe Suyangshan town to register one of the earliest Industrial corporations, the corporation is located in the national class small town construction science and technology demonstration Su Yang Shan town economic development zone center at Pizhou in Jiangsu Province, the transportation is very convenient, the south near the Europe -Asia continental bridge ,East-Long-Hai railroad and@Huo lian highway, the north near 310 national@highways and the jing Hang canal.215 the province way runs through the town. The area of corporation covers more than 26000 square meters, the corporation constructs 2 modernized com-prehensive buildings , and installs the advanced office equipment more than 20 sets, owns 10 large-scale constant temperature torehouses, floor space more than 12000 square meters,such as workshop, processing, storage, entertainment and so on, the fixed asset is more than RMB2,000 ten thousand Yuan. The company implements the multiplex management and the standardized management pattern,in the foreign trade we make use of the advanced network information discuss the service with the overseas merchants, implements the personnel training strategy internally, the company has the staff 65 people,owns above the undergraduate course the school record 10 people, the economist, engineer, accountant and so on 6 people. The corporation gathers garlic purchase, storage, processing, sale, export for a body, the garlic and serial productses such as garlic capsule, garlic powder, garlic piece, garlic oil of the company produces together with the foreign merchants, sells internally provinces and cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang. For sale abroad Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam India, Australia and so on, about 20 countries and area. Now orporation has already developed to Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui garlic self-management the Export base, the year business volume amounts to above 20,000 tons. Corporation relies on the unique resources advantage and the convenient transportation, it has set up many garlics and the agricultural products management administrative body successively in domestic and foreign, along with the enterprise size"s strength unceasingly ,to@enhances the market competitiveness betterly, the leader of the company make a bold decision taking the profession industry as the group leader, changes agricultural products such as apple, onion, potato, Chinese chestnut multiplex managements. since Corporation had established and been paid great attention on the interior system construction and the culture construction, strengthened the market forecast unceasingly, the market management and the market innovation, enabled the company to achieve the quality standardization, the behavior standardization, the welfare, the environment superior beautification first-class enterprise.For many years, the company is evaluated by the higher authority Government department gthe Advanced enterpriseh and gthe double civilized enterpriseh and so on. Corporation is consistent to take orders the management principle ofgthe good faith service, the mutual benefit are double winh, regarding ghumanist, the good faith is supreme service society, creates magnificentlyh as the company idea, regarding gthe high quality service, the good brandhas the company unremitting pursues. Chairman of company Xu Wenqi, General Manager Zhang Yu takes along all staff to welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to come instruction whole heartedly,talk over business,dicussed together develop a big industry, create together a better future !
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