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Avenue Tekstilshchikov 5 Kherson
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Lately Ukraine regards as the competitor in the market of the food products in Eurasia even for milliard Chinese brotherhood. The production of the Ukrainian manufactured PPCF “Pani Kristina” is wall-known both Europe and in Asia, It is competitive and considers all advanced tendencies of food fashion. Currently the market of manufacturers food industry in Ukraine has several manufactured leaders. The PPCF “Pani Kristina” is one of them . We are constantly updating and improving the assortment range of the production. PPCF “Pani Kristina” is oriental by not for today’s possibilities of networks and other objects of trade regarding offers to the customer… We want the customer received the goods of the European level. We put into practice technologies of the developed European networks, we involved the foreign experts technologists and managers, we introduce the requirements of the international quality standards. We accepted this challenge because we want to live worthy and we made the life of other people worth, because we wanted to be the best and to be proud of our Goods.. “We are forming the culture and standards of food products improving the quality of the life.“
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Tomato Paste ofered by Ppcf “pani Kristina” on Thefoodworld
Tomato Paste
Ketchup ofered by Ppcf “pani Kristina” on Thefoodworld
Fruit and Vegetable Juices ofered by Ppcf “pani Kristina” on Thefoodworld
Fruit and Vegetable Juices
Cookies ofered by Ppcf “pani Kristina” on Thefoodworld
Macaroni ofered by Ppcf “pani Kristina” on Thefoodworld
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