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Ringstrasse 6 Selmsdorf
- Batch-Systems - Fine Food Emulsifying Systems - Process components - Pin Worker Unit - Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger -
Rono was founded in April 2005 due to the restructuring process and closure of the GerstenbergSchröder production facility in Lübeck. We took the chance to continue the production business in lübeck using the knowhow and experience of the existing team and founded this new company. Nearly all former “Schröder-Colleagues” agreed to the fresh start with RONO. Only this enabled us from the beginning to deliver high qualified products for the food industry within a very short time. Our workforce consists of 80 experienced craftsman, technicians and engineers, specialized in various technologies.We are a team of skilled design engineers, well organised order handling and highly trained production staff. This team enable us to offer you products in an attractive value for money.
Tel: +0049 388 23 - 544817 Fax: +0049 388 23 - 544888
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