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No.20,3rd Floor,Saba Bld,Pastor-e Jadid St. TABRIZ
- Golden Raisin - Sheep Casings - Chicken Paw - Chicken Feet - Pistachios - Dates - Raisins -
“Pouya Payam Saderat” as a holding group company under brand of “SADER MC” main business activity are manufacturing, producing, trading of dried fruit, leather and Chemicals. Sader MC is one of the largest suppliers of different types of Dried Fruit including pistachios, Raisins, Figs, Dates, Apricots. In addition company’s leather activity are including Crust, Dye crust, Finished (Cow, goat, Sheep). Sader MC due to defined mission and by using experienced team workers and specialist able to deliver the highest quality and best priced bulk foods For processors, manufacturers, stores and other volume buyers. skype:sadermc
Tel: +00984135577739 Fax: +00984125578710
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