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3 Padmanabh Chambers, Danapith 360001 Rajkot India
- Cumin Seeds - Chick Peas - Coriander Seeds - Sesame Seeds - Groundnut Kernels -

Liladhar Veljibhai & Sons., a family enterprise, is operational in the business of agricultural commodities since 1958. The company was founded by Mr. Natwarlal Liladhar Chag , who carried out the business from the days when groundnuts shelling was done by hands to the present days of automatic shelling plants. At present, the company has its own Factory located at Rajkot in about 15,000 sq.mts. of land having various plants such as Peanut Shelling & Grading, Hulling of Sesame Seeds and Cleaning & Grinding of various Spices.

The company is located at Rajkot, which is in the heart of prime oilseeds producing area of Gujarat State. In addition to this, it is nearer to Kandla Port , which is one of the largest cargo handling port of India.

In view to expand the business, the company established its import/export firm viz. SAGAR International in 1991. Initially SAGAR International stepped in the international business through the Gulf countries and after making its identity, the business of the company met new horizons in the markets of Europe and Far East.  On the export front, the company  has a goodwill in the products like oilseeds especially peanuts and sesame seeds, spices, grains, etc. On account of the knowledge and experience of global business and Indian markets, the company has also been active in import of garlic, dry fruit, sugar and other agro commodities for the the domestic market.

Company has more than 100 buyers from around 25 countries of the world, which shows well established network in the global market. The average turnover of the company is around US$ 5 million. The company is Govt. of India recognized Export House.

At SAGAR International, we encourage high value of business ethics and uncompromising quality standards that satisfies our buyers and business partners.


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