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6600 Trans Canada Highway #750 H9R 4S2 Pointe Claire, Quebec Canada
- Canned Goods - Fruit Juices - Dairy Products - Vegetables - Fruits - Chicken - Beef - Pork Meat -
STC Food goal is to source food products from the most reliable suppliers which have the products you need at the most competitive price. STC Food have talented individuals working with team spirit, sharing the same concept. STC Food deal with the most reliable suppliers in the industry, who guarantee a superior product. STC Food deal with the best customers who will strategically market your food products. STC Food business philosophy can be related to a statement Mr Henry Ford once said; “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. “
Tel: 514 505 1251 Fax: 514 505 1254
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