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10 Rethimnou Str. Athens
- Vinegar - Olive Oil - Honey -
With the creation of our products, which is the result of four peoples dream and hard work. Having faith on the fertile Greek lands products quality, we decided to promote them in the whole world, showing that this small country of the Mediterranean Basin a land for flowers and bees is blessed by the Gods. We chose the brand name The Mediterranean Land, because as a rule of thumb, the Mediterranean Basin is the Old World region where olive trees grow. We chose the names athena for the olive oil and nectar for the honey and the royal jelly, two words-landmarks of the Greek history and civilisation, visioning the expanding of the traditional Mediterranean diet culture. For our balsamic vinegars, which are the result of a wonderful natural alchemy, we chose the name acetum. Our vision is the promotion of olive and bee family unadulterated products all over the world, which are produced from the fertile Greek land, using the most approved and traditional practices and precluding any artificial processes. Our goal is to inform the consumers about the high nutritional and medicinal qualities of the Greek olive oil, honey and royal jelly and offer them the best quality in a very special package, so that our brand is recognisable in the whole world as a synonym of quality and elegance.
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