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Vossenberg 2 3271 Zichem Belgium
- Liege Waffle Iron - Brussels Waffle Maker - Belgian Waffle Maker - Waffles on a Stick Iron - Cast Iron Belgian Waffle Iron - Commercial use Waffle Maker - Commercial use Waffle Iron -
Belgian Waffle Iron Store, Is a Belgian distributor for the VH-Waffle Irons. These Professional / Commercial Belgian Waffle Makers are heavy duty waffle makers especially designed for the Professional Waffle Baker. This full Cast Iron commercial Belgian Waffle Maker is used by most Professional Waffle Bakers to bake fresh Sweet Belgian waffles from frozen dough balls or freshly made waffle dough, or to warm up frozen Belgian waffles (Sweet Belgian Waffles and Brussels Waffles). This waffle Maker is reversible (flip 180 degrees) and is also perfect to bake the Brussels Waffles. As this waffle maker flips 180 degrees instead of rotates 180 degrees, it allows you to open the iron completely and put liquid batter on both sides, finishing off by adding a flavor, or topping on one side, when you then close the waffle maker you bake your flavor or topping inside of the waffle. This unique feature allows you to create your own stuffed waffles, this feature is today only available with VH-Waffle Irons ! We also distribute the VH-WSI-01 and VH-SWI-02 Waffle Makers to bake the NEW waffles on a Stick. The Commercial waffle maker is available in 2 options, single (bake 2) or double (bake 4). The Cast Iron Waffle maker is equipped with a specially designed heating device to optimize the heat distribution over the entire grid. There are no cold or hot spots (light or dark spots) anymore, your finished product will be equally baked time after time. In addition, the waffle grids are made out of full cast iron to hold the heat better. There will be no dramatic drop in temperature when the waffle Iron is opened to remove a freshly baked waffle and new waffle dough is added. Both these features allow for a constant baking temperature and enable you to create the same high quality product time after time. As a non-adhesive layer is not required, the cast iron gird surfaces can be cleaned with any device without running the risk of scratching or damaging the baking surface. For further easy cleaning, the waffle iron has a 300 degrees Celsius setting; this high temperature setting carbonizes all sugar residue, allowing for a much easier and faster cleaning process. Every waffle Iron model is available in Manual or Semi Digital. The electronic feature available in the Semi Digital version adds additional functionality to the already perfect baking capabilities of the Belgian waffle maker. A digital temperature read out (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) insures a precise baking temperature read out each time you use the professional iron. The build-in timer monitors the correct baking time of the Sweet Belgian Waffle, Liege Waffle , Brussels Waffle or Waffle on a Stick. Once the set time is reached an audible tone will alert the baker to end the baking cycle. The combination of the cast iron material, the heating device and the electronic add-on make the VH waffle Irons a very complete waffle maker. Once the device is installed, anyone can bake perfect waffles with this professional waffle iron. We offer all grid types on the commercial waffle makers, 6x4 for the Sweet Belgian Waffle or Liege Waffle the 6x5 for the Brussels waffle. Other options are available. Our Waffle Irons are made for 220v, but can be converted to 110v-115v or 250v upon request (no extra cost). We ship worldwide from our Belgian Office. VH-Waffle Irons are available at rock bottom prices, as your price quote now!
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