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Av. Roque Sáenz Pena 729 Rafaela, Santa Fe
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VMC is oriented to the manufacturing, installing and start up of Industrial Refrigeration Systems (using Ammonia as refrigerant) mainly for food Industry and also for chemical and petrochemical companies. The company was born as a familiar project, by the hand of Mr. Victorio Modenesi, an Italian industrial pioneer. VMC has been in the market for more than 50 years, continuously improving during that time its knowledge and experience. On top of that, VMC is nowadays the only company in Latin America which manufactures screw compressors for industrial refrigeration and air. Up to now, the number of industrial piston compressors installed in Argentina and closer countries exceeds 3000 units. Furthermore, the bare shaft compressors between 30 CV and 500 CV (own production) reaches the 715 units. As a proof of reliability and capacity, HOWDEN COMPRESSORS from Glasgow, Scotland, gave to VMC the exclusive representation in the Latin-American area to package mechanically and electronically their famous shaft screw compressors. That event was possible in the 2000, making our offer more flexible to satisfy our customer needs. Regarding infrastructure, we count with a department specifically devoted to the design, management, execution, and start up of refrigeration facilities, which brings to each new project the experience of 50 years devoted to industrial refrigeration. Today we have the largest covered surface (approximately 10.000 m2) in this line of business, and our own 200 m2 government warehouse which allows speedy procedures for all imports. We are proud of our advanced technology equipment, among them two machining centers, three CAD-CAM operated numerically-controlled lathes, one automatic submerged-arc welding central, which altogether, added to the applied technology, guarantee the radiographic quality of our industrial production. Talking about human resources, between 170 and 200 employees are directly and indirectly related with VMC. Even more, VMC count with 43 collaborators including engineers and technicians who are covering an extended spectrum of professional activities like the production, the design of equipment tailored to customer?s requirements, sales management and the generation of computerized project diagrams for their successful implementation. Having in mind that we are working in a very sensitive industry (mostly because our equipments are in charge of the protection of perishable goods), we have created an independent company called Mercofrío S.A. for the after sales services. We found in this kind of structure the efficiency in the compliment of the exigent labors we face daily. Mercofrío S.A. is composed by a group of professionals who think exclusively in services, independently of the process and production made by VMC. In order to do that, they have 15 vehicles which travel around the country and closer nations too. VMC is in a position to offer a "TURNKEY" installation of small and large size plants of different complexity. The concepts and the mission that guide our organization are: •Give ourselves with enthusiasm and professionalism to our customers. •Satisfy their specific needs with practical, updated and intelligent answers. •Follow our proposals for the consecutive years after the first sale.
Tel: ++54 3492 432277 287 Fax: ++54 3492 431951
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